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Watch out for that tree… root!

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Author: Scott Goodman • Scenic West Property Management

Just a reminder for anyone who holds out hope that the City of Los Angeles is fixing that broken sidewalk in front of your property.  They aren’t…  at least not any time soon.  Perhaps in 10 to 20 years, when I last checked with the City of Los Angeles Special Project Division:

Repaired sidewalk which had been broken by tree roots

In fact, money is so tight, that the person who picked up the phone said that the next time I call she may have been replaced by an answering machine.

So why should you care?  We recently fixed the broken sidewalk in front of one of our buildings and just in time. I watched as a tree on our property created a crack across the sidewalk that grew from a small thing into a 2” tectonic face in just over a year’s time. Ironically, once we decided to start getting bids to repair the sidewalk (a 30’ x 5’ sidewalk cost us $2,500) at least two people tripped on the sidewalk, one of which demanded that I pay for her emergency room visit.  Don’t wait for the City to fix a tripping hazard.  At the very least you may be able to grind down that crack and avoid writing a check for the emergency room visit.