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Emergency Response Plan

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Author: Scott Goodman • Scenic West Property Management

Ask yourself this:  Do you or your resident manager know two ways in which to shut off the water to your building? Is there a shut down procedure in place to avoid damaging the boiler or other equipment? Do you know how to open your garage gates in the event of a power failure?  Where is the gas shut off to the building? Many buildings have more than one location. Do you know how to make a reasonable attempt to fix a stuck elevator?  Where do you go to shut off the power to the whole building? What about an individual unit?  What do you or your resident managers do if the fire alarm goes off, or in the event of an actual fire? A lot of questions with big implications come up in a crisis moment.  A little time spent preparing and answering these questions can be a big money saver when the time comes… and inevitably it will come.

Emergency manual photosWe have an emergency response plan for every property we manage. We start by taking pictures of the alarm panels, shut off valves, and any other control panels, and put these pictures in a binder. Pictures are inexpensive and easy with today’s digital technology. We then label each picture, and include clear, step-by-step instructions on the operation of each element. The idea is to create an emergency manual. It is amazing how well this information translates to effective action in a time of crisis.  This manual is also a good place to put notes concerning emergency supplies and equipment you may have around the building.  A prudent move for anyone living in earthquake country.  Have an Emergency Response Plan – you will sleep better at night.